Wednesday, August 16, 2006

(1985) Dealing With It
Label: Rotten Records
Format: mp3 (VBR)
Size: 54.55 mb (.zip)
Hangoevr Rating: 8.0

About two years prior to the groundbreaking release of Dealing With it, D.R.I. was known in their home turf of Texas as a hardcore, left of center, politically driven band. D.R.I. emerged from a Texan music bed often referred to as the "vat" scene (due to the lack of practice space, bands would often rehearse in empty beer vat warehouses). Verbal Abuse, Sick Pleasure, and the Dicks also rose up from the same ranks. Released just two years after Suicidal Tendencies' self-titled debut, another visceral, genre-defining debut of similar ilk, Dealing With it will forever stand as D.R.I.'s most compelling record of their often misguided career. Taking the Suicidal concept one step further, D.R.I.'s hardcore/thrash metal hybrid, Dealing With it reinvented the wheel by combining the humor and politics of Suicidal's debut with the speed and trash of Slayer's early records like Show No Mercy and the Haunting the Chapel EP. Embraced by skaters, punkers, and thrashers alike, ultra-fast songs like "Mad Man" and "Couch Slouch effortlessly alternate with the hilarious, longer, chugga-chugga rants of "Nursing Home Blues" and the monstrous "I Don't Need Society." The latter, featuring the classic rant "Your number's up/you have to go/the system says I told you so/stocked in a plane like a truckload of cattle/thousands of us sent off to die/never really knowing why" culminating with the ever reliable rant, "f**k this system, it can't have me, I don't need society." Worth having.
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(song list)
1. snap
2. i'd rather be sleeping
3. marriage
4. yes ma´am
5. soup kitchen
6. mad man
7. stupid, stupid war
8. counter attack
9. couch slouch
10. god is broke
11. karma
12. nursing home blues
13. i don't need society
14. give my taxes back
15. the explorer
16. reagonomics
17. how to act
18. shame
19. argument then war
20. evil minds
21. slit my wrist
22. busted again
23. equal people
24. on my way hom3
25. bail out
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