Wednesday, August 23, 2006

(2003) Dinosaur Sounds
Label: Victory Records
Format: mp3 (192kbps)
Size: 45.45 mb (.zip)
Rating: 8.0
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It has been three long years since the release of Catch 22’s sophomore effort "Alone in a Crowd". The anticipation has been building. Prepare yourself. Catch 22 are back with 11 songs of inspiration and realization, about growing up, loving, losing, hating, and, of course, drinking. Combining influences ranging from punk, soul, ska, metal, Motown, and hardcore, Catch 22 have written an explosive follow-up to "Alone". DINOSAUR SOUNDS is energetic and pop-driven with catchy choruses, explosive horn hooks and uplifting chord progressions. Their influences shine through on this album, ranging anywhere from Sublime to Weezer to James Brown, creating some of their best material to date. DINOSAUR SOUNDS is an album destined to be a classic.
(song list)
1. Rocky
2. Beguile the Time
3. Wine Stained Lips
4. Motown Cinderella
5. Chin Up
6. Dreams of Venus
7. Dripping Faucet
8. Good Times
9. Interlude
10. So Cold
11. Regression
12. Chasing the Moon
13. Lemont's Lament
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