Monday, August 14, 2006

(2000) 1.000 Nights of Chaos
Label: Taang Records
Size: 44,18 MB (.zip)
Hangover Rating: 6 out of 10.

A collection of live tracks, 1000 Nights of Chaos delivers the goods if all you're looking for is the sweaty physicality of the best Oi! or street punk, but unfortunately, it falls short in some other crucial areas. At 48 minutes, it's nearly half-an-hour longer than the best street punk sets, which invariably get it across in 30 minutes or less. By the time of the blindingly fast but nearly unrecognizable cover of the Clash's "White Riot," the energy of the album is flagging, so much so that by the end — a truly terrible cover of Patti Smith's "Rock and Roll Nigger" — all of the songs have just started blurring together. The occasional exceptions, like the anti-Grateful Dead hoot "Jerry Was a Piece of Shit," are thrown into sharper relief by the relative mediocrity of their surroundings. It also doesn't help that the sound quality is, at times, near bootleg level, robbing the songs of much of their visceral wallop.
- - Stewart Mason ( - -

(song list)
1. criminal mischief
2. oi
3. that's right
4. i'm hungry
5. escape to the city
6. fucky hollywood
7. the herbert moonstomp
8. return to manzanar
9. hurricane bubba
10. dignity
11. white riot
12. national debt
13. the tradition
14. jennifer
15. he's a skin
16. jerry was a piece of shit
17. hate edge
18. disco riot
19. murder one
20. all hail santa
21. i'm a rock and roll niger
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