Monday, August 14, 2006

(1997) American Pie
Label: Taang Records
Size: 28,1 MB (.zip)
Format: mp3 (128kbps)
Hangover Rating: 9 out of 10

Review by Mike DaRonco (
Imagine if comedian Sam Kinison arose from the dead and rekindled his career by singing in an Oi! street-punk band. In a nutshell, that's basically the Anti-Heros, and they do incorporate a sense of humor with their gruff, take-no-slack-from-anyone attitude. "Carte Blanche gor Chaos," for example, talks about stirring up ruckus in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia: "Used a stereo to bash his head in/TV through the window/Long hair through the wall." Then, on "Jerry Was a Piece of Shit," they dance on the grave of the deceased Grateful Dead frontman: "He's the old hippie who made us sick/Had a beer belly and a tie-dyed shirt/Said he'd live forever but now he sleeps in the dirt." Ouch. Obviously, a lot of people won't agree with what the Anti-Heros have to say, nor would the band probably care.

(song list)
1. the tradition
2. carter blanche for chaos
3. heroes & zeroes
4. fuck hollywood
5. jennifer
6. rock & roll fantasy
7. return to manzanar
8. on the streets again
9. hurricane bubba
10. jerry was a piece of shit (jwapos)
11. murder one
12. i'm a rock & roll nigger
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