Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Old School (1991)
Label: Headhunter Records
Covers: Yes
Format: mp3 (192kbps - HQ)
HHA Rating: 8,5
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"Old School" is NOT a collection of rarities or demos. It is, however, one hell of a record. Quite possibly one the best punk records ever recorded, even if its not loud enough. It embodies that early 80s California punk sound (like early Dead Kennedys or Black Flag with Keith Morris). Compare that to the more 'hardcore' sound of the East Coast with bands like Urban Waste or Major Conflict (for an excellent resource, get familiar with Mad At the World Records). As the story goes (at the least the one I'm familiar with), 7 Seconds recorded this record for the Alternative Tentacles label, run by Jello Biafra. It was recorded somewhere between 1981 and 1983. You'll have to check the liner notes. This was SUPPOSED to be the band's full-length debut, but fell through the cracks because Alt. Tentacles just didn't have the funds. Later, 7 Seconds recorded the Crew for BYO, which although a landmark record, pales in comparison to the raw sound and energy embodied on Old School. Old School is simply what a punk record should sound like. This doesn't have that 'polished' sound that the Crew has, and thank God for that. Short, fast, chaotic and to the point. This sounds better than the Skins Brain & Guts 7" or Committed for Life 7", both of which have their own flaws (muddy sound), although each are great records. Stylistically and sound wise, it s a primitive version of the Crew or Walk Together, Rock Together, the band's 1985 effort (and perhaps their most valient punk record). From there the band began exploring different genres (listen to 'New Wind' ('86), 'Ourselves' ('87), 'Soulforce Revolution' ('89), 'Out the Shizzy' ('93?), 'The Music the Message' ('95), 'Good to Go ('99) and the recent 'Our Core' ('05). This record was finally released in 1990 or 1991, following the release of 'Soulforce Revolution', a wonderful record, heralded by some as the bands' U2 phase. In any event, your punk record collection has a serious void if you don't own this record. This is the sound, this is the beginning of it all. Although brilliant in its simplicity, I don't think anyone has captured it again so beautifully.
- - reviewd by Asim Shaikh on Amazon - -
(song list)
1. You Lose
2. What If There's War In America?
3. Here's Your Warning
4. Heavy Metal Jocks
5. These Boots Are Made For Walking
6. Boss
7. Young Til I Die
8. War In The Head
9. No Class, No Way!
10. Definate Choice
11. I Have A Dream
12. Wasted Life (Ain't No Crime)
13. #1 Rule
14. Out Of Touch
15. Red And Black
16. Diehard
17. Clenched Fists, Black Eyes
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