Thursday, August 10, 2006

(1987) Soulforce Revolution
Format: mp3 (128kbps)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus
Label: Restless Records
Country: USA

Soulforce Revolution_ did not take me by surprise at all when it came out. Their previous effort, _Ourselves_, was a staple of my boom box and remains to this day one of my favorite 7 Seconds albums. And while that album softened the attack somewhat, there were still plenty squalling guitars and high-engery riffs. This album, on the other hand, is probably the closest that the band ever got to straight-up pop and if you are looking for the classic speedy hardcore riffs I would definitely advise you to check out elsewhere in the catalog. Its closest to Kevin Seconds' later solo work in spirit and lyrical approach, with a much larger dose of 80s dissillusioned neohippie attitude that was barely contained beneath the surface on earlier 7 Seconds albums. Both this album and the rare _Praise_ EP alienated many a 7 Seconds fan who to this day cannot forgive.
- - Worgelm "The Grumpy" (USA - - -

(song list)
1. Satyagraha
2. Busy Little People
3. I Can Sympathize
4. It All Makes A Lot Less Sense Now
5. Mother's Day
6. Tribute Freedom Landscape
7. Copper Ledge
8. Tickets To A Better Place
9. 4 A.M. In Texas
10. Soul To Keep (For Phyllis)
11. Swan Song
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