Thursday, July 27, 2006

(1992) Jeff Dahl & Poison Idea
Format: mp3 (128kbps)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus
Size: 18,3 MB

When I came upon an interview with POISON IDEA, echoing the same feelings and rage, I picked up a phone and asked them if they'd like to try to get together and record two Stiv's Bators tunes. Kind of our way of playing our respects. POISON IDEA has been around for a long, long time and are without question one of the most soulful, powerful results of the DEAD BOY'S far reaching influences. They didn't even have to think about yes or no. The question was how, what and when. The recording was quick, easy completely natural affair. And having the opportunity to work with POISON IDEA was an honor and a shitload of fun! Not a dark, sad epitaph to the man; but a joyful celebration of his life and music, which, I believe, is the way Stiv would have wanted it. I hope his shows through and that you enjoy the two tuns we came up with.
For this special CD POISON IDEA and myself have each added 3 unreleased tunes for your listening pleasure, Have fun!.
Now...if you don't already, I urge you to seek out the classic DEAD BOYS stuff as well as Stiv's solo material and his work with oth the WANDERERS & the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH. Some of it you're gonna love and some of it probably won't connect, make your own decisions. There are some amazing things to discover! It's the product of a life spent taking chances and catering to no one. Stiv, I miss you....but every time I slap on one of your records I can feel you smile. You are now and forever still alive" STIV LIVES !!!! Jeff Dahl

HANGOVER RATING: (10/10) Perfect !!!


** tracks **
1. Open Your Eyes
2. Flame Thrower Love
3. Desecration
4. The Truth Hurts
5. Crippled Angel
6. Method to my Madness
7. I Just Wanna Have Something to Do
8. Falling Apart
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Robert.Johnsson said...

This is Really Great Nagiants :)

Thank You,
It makes this early & rainy morning here in Copenhagen P.E.R.F.E.C.T. !


PS: I have posted 2 more albums with Band of susans.

Robert.Johnsson said...

Check out "The Accidents"