Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spazm 151
Year - 2001
Label - Busted Heads
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Ripped - EAC
Size - 21.9 MB (Unpacked)
Running Time - 21:41

Here's the CD version of the LP that was released by Mind Control back in 2001, thanks to the kind folks at Busted Heads. And god damn, pretty much anything that comes from either Mind Control or Busted Heads is going to be a winner, and this scorcher is no different. These Texans blaze through 13 tracks of fucking classic hardcore/punk in barely over 20 minutes with tons of energy and a great multi vocal attack. The songs are the perfect blend of pissed off hardcore and punk rock as well, taking the attitude and slight catchiness of the latter and blending it with the pure aggression and speed of the former. There's even a thrashy crossover feel in a couple of the tracks. Plus there
are some totally reckless lead breaks to boot. You can't lose! They even close out with two raging covers: "Build Me a Bomb" by Jerry's Kids and "I Hate Myself" by The Offenders. Oh yeah. For some reason there are only 10 actual tracks on the CD even though there are 13 songs (some tracks contain more than one song), so things can be hard to follow, but I guess it's not really a big deal in the end. The recording is perfect for what these guys are doing, too. It's not too clean, but it is just polished enough to refrain from sounding overly raw or anything like that. Everything sounds natural, the bass presence rips, the guitars have a nice sort of resonant distortion that brings the mid-80's to mind, and the dry vocal yells are right in with the music. Damn fine. The layout is all in black and white, and mainly text. The cover combines crazy illustrations with some weird collaged photographs and just looks bizarre. It's definitely got an early punk feel to it. There's a map of Texas with some skulls, insects, and other kooky shit. Weird. All of the inner pages are black with white text, and that's that (aside from some tiny band photos at the end). The lyrics are pissed as shit and totally straightforward, pulling no punches, be it regarding personal issues, political issues, or a mix of the two. "Everybody's always talking about how good it used to be, They've given up on life, They're living in mediocrity, So stop whining about the scene now or how the bands all fucking suck, If you wanna see some change then raise your voice and rise above!" Another great, no bullshit hardcore record from Busted Heads. They've got good taste, so check this one out. (8/10) (

** tracks **
1. freedom - tear it up
2. frozen world
3. sink or swim
4. get out of my life - frustration
5. blown away
6. fuck your progress
7. who needs...
8. mansellout
9. what happened
10. build me a bomb - i hate myself

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Las said...

I remember making my own spazm151 shirt when this one came out. Wore it till it literally fell apart.
The fake porn ads on the label of the record? I found the original ads in some nasty mag, still have them stapled to the cover hehe. Porn and hardcore punk truly breaks down national barriers I guess...
a shame I can´t get the link to work. UK subs/riot + deadfall + a couple of others seem broken as well. Fuck it, so much other killer stuff here, thanks for the work!