Sunday, June 25, 2006

Odio Al Imperio
Year: 2002
Label: La Idea & Potencial Hardcore
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ VBR
Ripped: EAC
Size: 40.3 MB
Country: Spain
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** tracks **
1. mata el miedo
2. hoy como ayer
3. mercancia
4. hablando de anarquismo
5. radical
6. toque de queda en palestina
7. deuda externa..... abolición
8. agustín rueda
9. tecnócratas
10. el sindicalismo ha muerto
11. el cazador inútil (useless hunter)
12. leer para luchar
13. narcotráfico
14. odio al imperio
15. piratéalos

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Robert.Johnsson said...

Hey Nagiants...
Im gonna check "Sin Dios" out..
Never heard of them :)

Thx...and good luck with ya New blog !

Any chance for some Samples of Brazil PUNK ?


Nagiants40 said...

Yeah will be a lot of Brazilian punk here... Sin Dios is amazing is very aggressive and protesting hardcore..The CDs are pieces of arts, with booklets with a lot of cool stuff inside...

- - Nag40 - -