Friday, June 30, 2006

Get Your Goat
Year - 1992
Label - Dischord Recs.
Covers - Yes (266dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Size - 31.0 MB (Unpacked)
Ripped - Jet Audio Plus
Formed - Washington, DC (USA)

On the fourth release by art-rockers Shudder to Think, Get Your Goat, the band created a record that with each additional spin reveals something new. The final studio album with guitarist Chris Matthews and drummer Mike Russell proved to be one of their most consistent. The album also turned out to be the first step toward their trademark textured sound (later achieved on Pony Express Record and 50,000 B.C.), shedding the straight-ahead production of the previous Funeral at the Movies and Ten Spot. "Goat" and "Pebbles" are a couple of classic Shudder tracks that engage the listener with their genre-bending music and nonsensical lyrics. The chromatic riffing of "Baby Drop" and "Rain-Covered Cat" confirms the group's technical proficiency, and "She Wears He-Harem" shows off Craig Wedren's maturing skills as a vocalist. This would also be the last release for Dischord Records by Shudder to Think, as the group inked a deal with Epic afterwards. The last release by all four original members more than met the standard set by the band's previous efforts. - - by Greg Parto ( - -

** tracks **
1. love catastrophe
2. shake your halo down
3. white page
4. goat
5. pebbles
6. baby drop
7. the hair pillow
8. she swears he-harem
9. rain covered cat
10. funny
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Anonymous said...

I've had this cd in heavy rotation since I bought it back in '91. This is an exceptional record. If y'all haven't experienced it, I suggest ya do so. Absolutely amazing stuff!