Thursday, June 29, 2006

Porcos Cegos!!!

São Paulo Chaos
Year - 1997
Label - Sweet Fury/Paradoxx Music
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Ripped - EAC
Size - 30.4 MB (Unpacked)
Country - Brazil, São Paulo.

The band send a demo tape to Jay Ziskrout, first Bad Religion drummer, Jay was the owner of Sweet Fury Records, and he was looking for latin talents. They close a deal and São Paulo Chaos borns..Classic pogo punk rock from this Brazilian band. "No Pistols Reunion" became your major success here...
The band change your name to Porcos Cegos, is only the translate to portuguese of the ancient name, and now they sing all his music in portuguese language- - Nagi40 - -

** tracks **
1. fuck the T.F.P.
2. sweet fury
3. business school
4. lost youth
5. in love with junkie
6. verao de 68
7. lost cause
8. steroid addict
9. no pistols reunion
10. two week hate
11. capitalist myth
12. urban paranoia
13. conformismoe resistência
14. rotten generation

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1 comment:

Robert.Johnsson said...

"Blind Pigs" are a bit more "My" taste...(I´m comparing with Beach Lizard here)

The base is played just the way i like , and you can hear it properly, and its not too loud.
The Guitar has a really cool sound, a bit to a "Heavy Kind" of sound.
Definetly a keeper !