Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sessão Descarrego
Label - (2 + 2 = 5) records
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Ripped - Jet Audio Plus
Size - 30.2 MB (Unpacked)

"Hailing from Brazil this extremely brutal grindcore trio presents 29 tracks in 31 minutes, so you know it's absolutely no time for bullshit. Or the often used phrase "all killer - no filler". I'm not sure that it's all killer, but there's definitely no filler on here. The front cover art shows a guy's head being sliced with a machete and on the back we find some bloodthirsty ladies, all in black and white and probably taken from some old horror movie or magazine. Or at least influenced by those. The booklet is also filled with, alongside the Portuguese lyrics, horror pics taken from comic books. All very simple and stylish.
Besides the hint you get from the horror influences, Hutt draws inspiration from fellow countrymen Rot, (early) Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Cripple Bastards etc. You know, the fast and brutal kind. At first I wasn't impressed at all with this, but as the tracks fly by I tend to like it more and more. Half an hour of this is too much for me to maintain the interest all the way through, but no one's forcing me to listen to the whole thing at once either. It would probably be a better grade if I wanted to though. But that has to do with my musical taste and is not caused by the band - 'cause Hutt delivers. But it's the same as with food, just 'cause it's good it doesn't mean you can eat in infinity, right?" (Krogh)

** tracks **
1. intro
2. diante do trono
3. golden shower
4. só pessoas
5. pra que paz, se tenho a guerra?
6. sala 6..
7. dia normal
8. parasita
9. borduga
10. harakiri
11. cabelo de jabú (nem deus nem belzebu)
12. smells like teen shit
13. 13
14. kkk
15. nova
16. joão cutelo
17. gang das boneca
18. quem ama espanca
19. asco
20. nair
21. morto
22. bub 2 (a revolta dos miseráveis)
23. mirtão
24. bronson
25. venom
26. extermínio
27. a ultima esperança é a que morre
28. pai, filho, estuprou o santo amém
29. tóxico é lógico

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