Sunday, June 25, 2006

Your Turn Next
Year: 2003
Label: Speed State Records (Japan)
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Country: Nottingham, England
Running Time: 73:21
Size: 69.5 (unpacked)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus (128kbps HI-FI)
Speedstate Records -

Finally! I've been wanting to pick up the old Concrete Sox LP's for a long, long time now, but never really wanted to bother tracking them down on eBay, so I was so psyched that the mighty Speedstate decided to reissue them in fine form after all these years. This is their debut from 1986, with bonus tracks from their 1988 demo as well as some live/compilation songs. I have no clue why the hell they decided to introduce this record with goofy keyboards and female singing since that has absolutely nothing to do with their sound, but whatever… This is raw, thrashy UK hardcore with a much more metallic tinge than a lot of those other bands had early on. The songs mix up the tempos a lot and tend to lean towards more moderate paces, and are also way longer (averaging three to four minutes, some even longer) than those of many other crossover bands at the time. Admittedly that's one of the problems I have with this band, because they're good, but they do get a little boring after awhile, because the songs don't usually need to be as long as they are. They have a tendency to throw in too many lead riffs and breaks that serve little purpose. Take for instance the clean guitars, keyboards, and painful singing that start off the six-minute "Sustain the Orgy"… there's just no need for that. But in general the songs mix up power chords with thrashy picking patterns and metal riffs, sounding largely like a crossover thrash metal band with the ruggedness and message of hardcore, as well as straightforward vocals that are sort of shouted in key, less aggressive than possibly expected. The band is definitely at their best during faster, shorter tracks like "Sadists". Like the other Speedstate reissues that I've heard I can't help but wish that the remastering was done just a little bit louder, but it sounds pretty good for its age. The mix is somewhat thin and lacking low-end, but the drums, guitars, and vocals are pretty even, and I like the texture of the guitar tone a lot. The 1988 demo sounds pretty rough. Listenable to some degree, but rough. It's really muddy and there's a lot of warping sort of effects from the master tape, which is a shame because the songs seem slightly more focused. The same goes for the live tracks. They sound okay, but not that great, and I don't find them all that enjoyable to listen to. The disc comes in a nice digipack with some of the original LP artwork and a foldout insert with tons of old band photos and flyers collaged around. The lyrics to the tracks from the LP are inside in both English and Japanese, dealing with typical topics like animal rights, war, greed, etc. - but the approach is actually a little different from normal, which is interesting. "Man wages war on his own planet, 'til only man remains, He obliterates his fellow creatures just for capital gain, His power crazed ambitious mind is eager to reach the top, And in this dead and silent world he's not an easy force to stop…" Awesome. I could probably deal without the live tracks because 73 minutes is way too much of this for anyone to take, but the demo songs are worth hearing in addition to the 12 cuts from the original LP. I wouldn't necessarily consider this to be as strong as some of the stuff that Heresy, Ripcord, etc. were doing, but it's definitely worth owning for fans of the genre, and Speedstate has done a wonderful job handling the reissues. (

** tracks **
1. intelligence quest
2. who was the first?
3. eminent scum
4. sustain the orgy
5. ten steps to oblivion
6. each day a new low
7. new breed
8. salt of the earth
9. civilised
10. torn
11. your turn next
12. sadists
13. product (demo 1988)
14. euthanasia (demo 1988)
15. at tea with satan (demo 1988)
16. today's world (demo 1988)
17. rumour well out of hand (live in UK 1988 - squat gig)
18. who was the first? (live in NL 1989)
19. product (live in NL 1989)
20. moustache (live in NL 1989)
21.miserlou (live in NL 1989)
22. eminent scum (north atlantic noise attack comp.)

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