Friday, June 30, 2006

Go Carbona Go
Year - 1998
Label - Thirteen Records
Covers - Yes (266dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Size - 23.9 MB (Unpacked)
Ripped - Jet Audio Plus
Formed - in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This is the first classic debut album, from the Carbona. A lot of bubblegum pop-punk rock in Ramones and Screeching Weasel vein. Actually they sing only in portuguese language, and the new album will be available soon. This is one of the most active bands here in Brasil, since the 90's. - - Nagi40 - -

** tracks **
1. if you wanna dance
2. foot fetish
3. norma jean
4. garopaba go
5. back to 55
6. hey you
7. lunatic
8. tonight
9. up on the roof
10. carbona assault
11. my best friend is a toad
12. here we go
13. night feelings

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Get Your Goat
Year - 1992
Label - Dischord Recs.
Covers - Yes (266dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Size - 31.0 MB (Unpacked)
Ripped - Jet Audio Plus
Formed - Washington, DC (USA)

On the fourth release by art-rockers Shudder to Think, Get Your Goat, the band created a record that with each additional spin reveals something new. The final studio album with guitarist Chris Matthews and drummer Mike Russell proved to be one of their most consistent. The album also turned out to be the first step toward their trademark textured sound (later achieved on Pony Express Record and 50,000 B.C.), shedding the straight-ahead production of the previous Funeral at the Movies and Ten Spot. "Goat" and "Pebbles" are a couple of classic Shudder tracks that engage the listener with their genre-bending music and nonsensical lyrics. The chromatic riffing of "Baby Drop" and "Rain-Covered Cat" confirms the group's technical proficiency, and "She Wears He-Harem" shows off Craig Wedren's maturing skills as a vocalist. This would also be the last release for Dischord Records by Shudder to Think, as the group inked a deal with Epic afterwards. The last release by all four original members more than met the standard set by the band's previous efforts. - - by Greg Parto ( - -

** tracks **
1. love catastrophe
2. shake your halo down
3. white page
4. goat
5. pebbles
6. baby drop
7. the hair pillow
8. she swears he-harem
9. rain covered cat
10. funny
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Smash Hits !
Year - 1995
Label - Estrus Records
Covers - Yes (266dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Size - 32.0 MB (Unpacked)
Country - Japan
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OK Slim, it's time ta pull those chopsticks outta yer ass and slap on the outta control rock n'roll assault of the TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!" LP/CD!15 doses of revved-up and raw punk fury culled from Fink & Co's unrelenting kamikaze barrage of 7" buzz bombs released on various labels over the past couple o' years...only the best of the best from Japan's undisputed garage/punk overlords,TEENGENERATE! A fast and furious firebomb of feedback and thunder tailor made for your next dragstrip showdown or house wreckin' party! So, give those worn out singles a rest...back over yer radio,redline yer tach. and get ready to smash it up with TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!" (8/10)

** tracks **
1. Get Me Back
2. Wild Weekend
3. Just Head
4. Gonna Feel Alright
5. Midnight to Six Man
6. Sex Cow
7. Savage
8. Tore Me Apart
9. Grown Up Wrong
10. Talk Talk Talk Talk
11. Let's Get Hurt
12. She's a Dumb
13. Don't Come Close to Me
14. I Don't Mind
15. Burn My Eye

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Get Action
Year - 1994
Label - Crypt Records
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Size - 34.1 MB (Unpacked)
Country - Japan
Genre - Garage Punk Rock
Buy here - (U$ 10)

Aside from Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate are the best-known Japanese garage act in the United States, and their savage beat gets proper LP attention with Get Action. The band blasts through a dozen sound-alike tracks with good-natured violence and electrical velocity, produced on the cheap and recorded in one sitting so that the whole mess sounds like a crackling mass of static through a dusty stylus. Sometimes the band gets lost in the murk, but more often they come through with sheer adolescent energy and sloppy R&B aplomb. Greasier than the Ramones, more youthful than the Pagans, Teengenerate blaze with a nearly hardcore fury but it always sounds like a party, even at their wildest. Like Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate have a fairly fractured sense of the English language, but their grasp of American rock & roll conventions is tighter than the surreal interpretation of the mighty Wolf, making for less idiosyncratic listening but more reliable dance action. "Dressed in Black" is the hit, an irresistible chant-along number with a chunky riff and pogo-ready rhythm. Other great tracks are the breakneck opener "Mess Me Up," the juicy power pop of "Right Now," and their nearly unrecognizable race through "Shake, Rattle & Roll." Guaranteed to leave xenophobic punks quaking in their American-made boots. - - by Fred Beldin ( - -

** tracks **
1. Mess Me Up
2. 1979
3. Dressed in Black
4. Fake Fake Fake
5. Human Tornado
6. Plastic Man
7. Let's Get Hurt
8. Right Now
9. Radio 55
10. Front Page
11. She's So Fine
12. Something Got You
13. Kicked Out of the Weebelos
14. Don't Leave Me
15. I Don't Wanto to Follow You
16. Hey Baby
17. Shake, rattle & Roll

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Spazm 151
Year - 2001
Label - Busted Heads
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Ripped - EAC
Size - 21.9 MB (Unpacked)
Running Time - 21:41

Here's the CD version of the LP that was released by Mind Control back in 2001, thanks to the kind folks at Busted Heads. And god damn, pretty much anything that comes from either Mind Control or Busted Heads is going to be a winner, and this scorcher is no different. These Texans blaze through 13 tracks of fucking classic hardcore/punk in barely over 20 minutes with tons of energy and a great multi vocal attack. The songs are the perfect blend of pissed off hardcore and punk rock as well, taking the attitude and slight catchiness of the latter and blending it with the pure aggression and speed of the former. There's even a thrashy crossover feel in a couple of the tracks. Plus there
are some totally reckless lead breaks to boot. You can't lose! They even close out with two raging covers: "Build Me a Bomb" by Jerry's Kids and "I Hate Myself" by The Offenders. Oh yeah. For some reason there are only 10 actual tracks on the CD even though there are 13 songs (some tracks contain more than one song), so things can be hard to follow, but I guess it's not really a big deal in the end. The recording is perfect for what these guys are doing, too. It's not too clean, but it is just polished enough to refrain from sounding overly raw or anything like that. Everything sounds natural, the bass presence rips, the guitars have a nice sort of resonant distortion that brings the mid-80's to mind, and the dry vocal yells are right in with the music. Damn fine. The layout is all in black and white, and mainly text. The cover combines crazy illustrations with some weird collaged photographs and just looks bizarre. It's definitely got an early punk feel to it. There's a map of Texas with some skulls, insects, and other kooky shit. Weird. All of the inner pages are black with white text, and that's that (aside from some tiny band photos at the end). The lyrics are pissed as shit and totally straightforward, pulling no punches, be it regarding personal issues, political issues, or a mix of the two. "Everybody's always talking about how good it used to be, They've given up on life, They're living in mediocrity, So stop whining about the scene now or how the bands all fucking suck, If you wanna see some change then raise your voice and rise above!" Another great, no bullshit hardcore record from Busted Heads. They've got good taste, so check this one out. (8/10) (

** tracks **
1. freedom - tear it up
2. frozen world
3. sink or swim
4. get out of my life - frustration
5. blown away
6. fuck your progress
7. who needs...
8. mansellout
9. what happened
10. build me a bomb - i hate myself

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Sessão Descarrego
Label - (2 + 2 = 5) records
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Ripped - Jet Audio Plus
Size - 30.2 MB (Unpacked)

"Hailing from Brazil this extremely brutal grindcore trio presents 29 tracks in 31 minutes, so you know it's absolutely no time for bullshit. Or the often used phrase "all killer - no filler". I'm not sure that it's all killer, but there's definitely no filler on here. The front cover art shows a guy's head being sliced with a machete and on the back we find some bloodthirsty ladies, all in black and white and probably taken from some old horror movie or magazine. Or at least influenced by those. The booklet is also filled with, alongside the Portuguese lyrics, horror pics taken from comic books. All very simple and stylish.
Besides the hint you get from the horror influences, Hutt draws inspiration from fellow countrymen Rot, (early) Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Cripple Bastards etc. You know, the fast and brutal kind. At first I wasn't impressed at all with this, but as the tracks fly by I tend to like it more and more. Half an hour of this is too much for me to maintain the interest all the way through, but no one's forcing me to listen to the whole thing at once either. It would probably be a better grade if I wanted to though. But that has to do with my musical taste and is not caused by the band - 'cause Hutt delivers. But it's the same as with food, just 'cause it's good it doesn't mean you can eat in infinity, right?" (Krogh)

** tracks **
1. intro
2. diante do trono
3. golden shower
4. só pessoas
5. pra que paz, se tenho a guerra?
6. sala 6..
7. dia normal
8. parasita
9. borduga
10. harakiri
11. cabelo de jabú (nem deus nem belzebu)
12. smells like teen shit
13. 13
14. kkk
15. nova
16. joão cutelo
17. gang das boneca
18. quem ama espanca
19. asco
20. nair
21. morto
22. bub 2 (a revolta dos miseráveis)
23. mirtão
24. bronson
25. venom
26. extermínio
27. a ultima esperança é a que morre
28. pai, filho, estuprou o santo amém
29. tóxico é lógico

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Desperately Insensitive
Year - 2003
Label - Deathvomit/Pecúlio Discos
Covers - yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 192kbps
Ripped - Jet Audio Plus
Size - 44.3 MB (Unpacked)
Country - Italy
Buy at -

When American rock fans travel abroad and check out the music scenes of European countries, they often come across talented artists who are little-known in the United States. And in many cases, it isn't because of the language barrier — Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and other European countries are full of rockers who perform in English exclusively. That lack of U.S. exposure is usually a case of artists recording for European labels and having limited distribution in North America. Italy's Cripple Bastards, who have been around since 1988, are a perfect example of a European band who has enjoyed a European cult following but isn't well-known in the U.S. — which can be attributed to the fact that many of their releases have only come out in Europe. Recorded in 2002, Desperately Insensitive is an exception. This Cripple Bastards CD has been widely distributed in North America — and for U.S. listeners, it isn't a bad introduction to the Italian band. Desperately Insensitive combines '80s-style hardcore with elements of grindcore and death metal; the lyrics (some of which are very sociopolitical) have a punk outlook, whereas Giulio the Bastard's demonic, larynx-shredding vocal style is more typical of the grindcore and death metal/black metal fields. Giulio renders the lyrics difficult to understand without the lyric sheet, which is regrettable because the Bastards have a lot on their minds. The title track, for example, is about the post-communist turmoil that has plagued the former Yugoslavia. But sonically, Desperately Insensitive is appealing if you're in the mood for high-speed sensory assault. The Bastards' ferocious, mosh pit-friendly metal/punk attack is an acquired taste, certainly, but those who have a taste for the extreme will find this CD to be exhilarating — shortcomings, flaws, and all.
- - by Alex Henderson - - (

** tracks **
1. Fear in the Squats of the Dead
2. When Immunities Fall
3. Cardboard
4. Intravenous Love-Drip
5. Odio a Prima Vista
6. Bomb Abc no Rio
7. The Mushroom Diarrhoea
8. Rak Ne Prestaje
9. Get Out and Bite Them
10. Desperately Insensitive
11. Me & Her In a Microcosm of Torture
12. Jurisdiction
13. Time of the Vultures
14. Idiot & Think Slower
15. I hate Her
16. Inside Out
17. Being Ripped Off In 2002
18. Respect Or Death
19. Partner Della Convenienza

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Porcos Cegos!!!

São Paulo Chaos
Year - 1997
Label - Sweet Fury/Paradoxx Music
Covers - Yes (300dpi)
Format - (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Ripped - EAC
Size - 30.4 MB (Unpacked)
Country - Brazil, São Paulo.

The band send a demo tape to Jay Ziskrout, first Bad Religion drummer, Jay was the owner of Sweet Fury Records, and he was looking for latin talents. They close a deal and São Paulo Chaos borns..Classic pogo punk rock from this Brazilian band. "No Pistols Reunion" became your major success here...
The band change your name to Porcos Cegos, is only the translate to portuguese of the ancient name, and now they sing all his music in portuguese language- - Nagi40 - -

** tracks **
1. fuck the T.F.P.
2. sweet fury
3. business school
4. lost youth
5. in love with junkie
6. verao de 68
7. lost cause
8. steroid addict
9. no pistols reunion
10. two week hate
11. capitalist myth
12. urban paranoia
13. conformismoe resistência
14. rotten generation

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Lagartos de Praia!!

Spinal Chords
Year: 1996
Label: Orphan Records
Covers: Yes (300dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Country: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus
Size: 38.0 MB (Unpacked)

This is one of the most important bands from de 90's in Brazilian alternative rock scene. Basically your music is punk rock with another influences like indie american rock, like Pixies, Husker Du, etc... Unfortunately the band broke up after the launched of this album. This is a classic stuff, listen songs like "Alabama", "Mad Cow Disease", "Lonesome Times", and tell me what you think about this album... Later in 2003 the album was reissued with 14 bonus tracks, that will be available soon here to download.. - - Nagi40 - -

** tracks **
1. T.C.P. (The Boys)
2. Mad Cow Disease
3. How Long, How Low
4. Alabama
5. Till' Death Do us Apart
6. Speed Surfin'
7. Break Fast
8. Pin Head Hymn
9. Brand New Dialog
10. Lonesome Times
11. Mohawk Territory
12. Junkie Man
13. Useless
14. Celebrate

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Odio Al Imperio
Year: 2002
Label: La Idea & Potencial Hardcore
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ VBR
Ripped: EAC
Size: 40.3 MB
Country: Spain
Buy at:

** tracks **
1. mata el miedo
2. hoy como ayer
3. mercancia
4. hablando de anarquismo
5. radical
6. toque de queda en palestina
7. deuda externa..... abolición
8. agustín rueda
9. tecnócratas
10. el sindicalismo ha muerto
11. el cazador inútil (useless hunter)
12. leer para luchar
13. narcotráfico
14. odio al imperio
15. piratéalos

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Ruido Anticapitalista & Alerta Antifasista
Year: 1998
Label: La Idea & Potencial Hardcore
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ VBR
Ripped: EAC
Size: 47.1 MB (Unpacked)
Country: Spain
Buy At:

Another great album from this amazing Spanish anarchist hardcore band....Two full abums in one CD..

** tracks **
1. alerta antifascista
2. la huelga
3. hambre negra, expolio blanco
4. canción de amor (celda de aislamiento)
5. las cárceles
6. poema
7. inmigrante ilegal
8. unas flores con sorpresa
9. la historia que no cuentam
10. actúa
11. nuevas generaciónes
12. no queremos paz sino victoria
13. requiem
14. canción de la desesperación
15. españa
16. la hoguera de la revolución
17. legal e ilegal
18. la carniceria silenciosa
19. muerte del rock'n roll
20. la justicia está vendida
21. casa okupada, casa encantada
22. derriba tus muros de insolidaridad
23. aguanta sin rechistar
24. fragmento de penderecki

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Guerra a La Guerra
Year: 1997
Label: La Idea / Potencial Hardcore
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ VBR
Ripped: EAC
Size: 47 MB (unpacked)
Country: Spain
Buy At:

A great libertay and anarchist hardcore band from Spain.

** tracks **
1. la idea
2. medios de comunicacion
3. sistema de enseñanza
4. mundialistas
5. miseria y tradicion
6. marginacion
7. banderas negras
8. aqui se tortura
9. ecologia social
10. paga papá
11. 1936, un pueblo en armas
12. no te fies
13. el exilio
14. banderas negras 2
15. bacalao
16. sangre es dinero
17. prcariedad y alienación
18. contracorriente
19. africa

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Your Turn Next
Year: 2003
Label: Speed State Records (Japan)
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Country: Nottingham, England
Running Time: 73:21
Size: 69.5 (unpacked)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus (128kbps HI-FI)
Speedstate Records -

Finally! I've been wanting to pick up the old Concrete Sox LP's for a long, long time now, but never really wanted to bother tracking them down on eBay, so I was so psyched that the mighty Speedstate decided to reissue them in fine form after all these years. This is their debut from 1986, with bonus tracks from their 1988 demo as well as some live/compilation songs. I have no clue why the hell they decided to introduce this record with goofy keyboards and female singing since that has absolutely nothing to do with their sound, but whatever… This is raw, thrashy UK hardcore with a much more metallic tinge than a lot of those other bands had early on. The songs mix up the tempos a lot and tend to lean towards more moderate paces, and are also way longer (averaging three to four minutes, some even longer) than those of many other crossover bands at the time. Admittedly that's one of the problems I have with this band, because they're good, but they do get a little boring after awhile, because the songs don't usually need to be as long as they are. They have a tendency to throw in too many lead riffs and breaks that serve little purpose. Take for instance the clean guitars, keyboards, and painful singing that start off the six-minute "Sustain the Orgy"… there's just no need for that. But in general the songs mix up power chords with thrashy picking patterns and metal riffs, sounding largely like a crossover thrash metal band with the ruggedness and message of hardcore, as well as straightforward vocals that are sort of shouted in key, less aggressive than possibly expected. The band is definitely at their best during faster, shorter tracks like "Sadists". Like the other Speedstate reissues that I've heard I can't help but wish that the remastering was done just a little bit louder, but it sounds pretty good for its age. The mix is somewhat thin and lacking low-end, but the drums, guitars, and vocals are pretty even, and I like the texture of the guitar tone a lot. The 1988 demo sounds pretty rough. Listenable to some degree, but rough. It's really muddy and there's a lot of warping sort of effects from the master tape, which is a shame because the songs seem slightly more focused. The same goes for the live tracks. They sound okay, but not that great, and I don't find them all that enjoyable to listen to. The disc comes in a nice digipack with some of the original LP artwork and a foldout insert with tons of old band photos and flyers collaged around. The lyrics to the tracks from the LP are inside in both English and Japanese, dealing with typical topics like animal rights, war, greed, etc. - but the approach is actually a little different from normal, which is interesting. "Man wages war on his own planet, 'til only man remains, He obliterates his fellow creatures just for capital gain, His power crazed ambitious mind is eager to reach the top, And in this dead and silent world he's not an easy force to stop…" Awesome. I could probably deal without the live tracks because 73 minutes is way too much of this for anyone to take, but the demo songs are worth hearing in addition to the 12 cuts from the original LP. I wouldn't necessarily consider this to be as strong as some of the stuff that Heresy, Ripcord, etc. were doing, but it's definitely worth owning for fans of the genre, and Speedstate has done a wonderful job handling the reissues. (

** tracks **
1. intelligence quest
2. who was the first?
3. eminent scum
4. sustain the orgy
5. ten steps to oblivion
6. each day a new low
7. new breed
8. salt of the earth
9. civilised
10. torn
11. your turn next
12. sadists
13. product (demo 1988)
14. euthanasia (demo 1988)
15. at tea with satan (demo 1988)
16. today's world (demo 1988)
17. rumour well out of hand (live in UK 1988 - squat gig)
18. who was the first? (live in NL 1989)
19. product (live in NL 1989)
20. moustache (live in NL 1989)
21.miserlou (live in NL 1989)
22. eminent scum (north atlantic noise attack comp.)

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Whoops, Sorry Vicar!!
Year: 2003
Label: Speed State Records (Japan)
Covers: Yes (266dpi)
Format: (CD) mp3 @ 128kbps
Country: Nottingham, England
Running Time: 71:03
Size: 67.4 (unpacked)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus (128kbps HI-FI)
Speedstate Recs.

Here's the second Concrete Sox re-release from Speedstate, this time their second record from 1987 with bonus tracks consisting of a slew of live songs recorded in Italy in 1989, one unreleased song, and one compilation track.The songs on "Whoops, Sorry Vicar!" are significantly stronger than the "Your Turn Next" material, though definitely in a similar vein. The biggest differences are that the music is even more metallic, and the vocals are a bit more aggressive, possessing a bit of a sneer and dropping some of the hints at singing. The message and overall attitude still have a hardcore/punk feel, but musically much of this stuff is leaning more towards metal, with plenty of simple breakdowns and note-based metal runs (check out the intro to "Rumour Well Out of Hand"). But they make better use of the lengths of the tracks, so it's not as boring. The songs have a bit more direction and cohesiveness, despite a few unexpected twists or a few areas that do drag a bit. The 1:17 blast of "Scientific Slaughter" is definitely a crossover keeper, though… so they didn't totally shed that angle. But then, there is the last piece, "Moustache (Acting Like a Maniac)", which is a brief joke on Metallica's "Whiplash". Once more I'd say the remastering probably could have been taken up a few more notches as far as output volume, but no big deal. The recording on the LP tracks sounds similar to "Your Turn Next", but not quite as raw. There's still a lack of low-end, but the slightly cleaner tones do help a little. I don't think the live tracks are a necessary inclusion because the sound is pretty shoddy, and I couldn't make it through more than a couple of the songs. Plus, at 70+ minutes the disc is too much to take in one sitting. Not at all unlike the first Concrete Sox reissue, the CD comes in a nice digipack with original LP art and tons of band photos and such, with the lyrics included in both English and Japanese on a foldout insert. The content this time around is very similar to the songs from the first LP, as is the manner in which the topics are tackled. "Religious brainwash is now full frontal, Not just the hour on the odd Sunday, Down on their hands and knees headbutting the floor, Peeling off the brain to a closed door…" Another killer Speedstate job well done. And it's awesome that they included the raging "Speak Japanese or Die" from the "Crust & Anguished Life" compilation! I'll be very curious to see what the label does next… (

** tracks **
1. prophecy
2. no trust no faith
3. scientific slaughter
4. comparison
5. rumour well out of hand
6. think now
7. false insight
8. the dream
9. salt of the earth
10. facts
11. moustache (acting like a maniac)
12. eminent scum (live in italy 1989)
13. keep control (live in italy 1989)
14. scientific slaughter (live in italy 1989)
15. who was the first? (live in italy 1989)
16. euthanasia (live in italy 1989)
17. woman's work (live in italy 1989)
18. sewer rat (live in italy 1989)
19. speak siberian or die (live in italy 1989)
20. not that blind (unreleased track)
21. speak japanese or die (crust & anguished comp. MCR japan)

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