Saturday, July 22, 2017

Supersuckers: '95, The Sacrilicious Sounds of The Supersuckers (by Request!!)

American punk country rock band, formed in November 1988 as The Black Supersuckers in Tucson, Arizona. 
Dancing Eagle aka Dan Seigal (Drums), Ron Heathman (Guitar), Eddie Spaghetti (Bass, Vocals) and Dan Bolton (Guitar).

Bad Bad Bad
Born With A Tail
The 19th Most Powerful Woman In Rock
Bad Dog
Run Like A Motherfucker
Hittin' The Gravel
Stoned If You Want It
My Victim
Don't Go Blue

Sit 'N' Spin: '00, Enjoy The Ride (by Request!!!)

Sit n'spin 's second cd, after a bunch of 7", gathers a lot of fast r'n'r songs, great riffs and lots of fun. Listen to "Riot in the Pub" or "Hey Boy", and your day will be happier! One of the best all-girls band, much better both in music and in concert than bands like the donnas - style.
Many of the songs here are just hits!, that you can listen to them for years without losing their freshness.
Come on and enjoy the ride!

Hey Boy
I Like Your Boyfriend
Teenage Boy
So Far Away
Crazy Sally-Ann
Ooh La La
Riot In The Pub
Girl Say No
In Or Out
Just Can't Go To Sleep

Sicko: '95, Chef Boy R U Dum (by Request!!!)

Now defunct 3 piece pop-punk band from Seattle, USA. The band formed in 1990 and released 4 full length albums as well as numerous 7" singles across various independent labels before disbanding sometime in the late 1990s. 
Although hailing from Seattle and releasing all their material in the grunge heyday, Sicko are very different from the sound normally associated with the city. Relying heavily on hooks and melodies, the band shared more in common with the East Bay punk bands of the era and, as a mere result of geography, never fully attained the level of success that many feel they deserved.

Half the Battle
I Hate Big Deal People
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
60 Pound Mall Rat
The Dateless Losers
Obsessive Compulsive Complainers
You Are A Space Alien
The Inland Empire Strikes Back
Computer Geek
On The Dole
Bad Situation
The Breakfast Song [Live]

No Use For A Name: '97, Making Friends (by Request!!!)

American punk rock band from San Jose, California. The band was formed in 1987 and split up after Tony Sly, who replaced John Meyer on vocals in 1989, passed away on July 31, 2012.

The Answer Is Still No
Growing Down
On The Outside
A Postcard Would Be Nice
Best Regards
3 Month Weekend
Sitting Duck
Fields Of Athenry

MXPX: '01, The Renaissance [EP] (by Request!!!)

Punk rock band formed in Bremerton, Washington, United States in 1992.

Lonesome Town / Letting Go / Party II (Time To Go) / Time Will Tell / The Opposite / Don't Look Back / Talk Of The Town / The Struggle / Yuri Wakes Up Screaming.

Dance Hall Crashers: '97, Honey, I'm Homely! (by Request!!!)

American ska-punk band from Berkley, California. Formed in 1989, initially from the ashes of Operation Ivy (Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman  who left the band shortly after the formation), the group is in hiatus since 2004.

Lost Again / Will Tomorrow Ever Come / All Mine / Salted / Next To You / I Want It All / Elvis & Me / Whiskey & Gin / Cold Shower / Last Laugh / Mr. Blue / Stand By / The Truth About Me / Big Mouth / Over Again.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Deadly Snakes -2001, I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore[In The Red Recordings]

The Deadly Snakes were a Canadian indie rock band influenced by garage rock, punk, folk rock, and early R&B.

Graveyard Shake # West Texas Sound # Twice As Dead # Pirate Cowboy # Early Bird # I can Take It # I Don't Mind # Talkin' Down # Make A Fool Out Of Me # Rock Candy # Trigger # You're All Alone # Diamond Ring # Say Hello. 

Friday, July 07, 2017

Shudder To Think -1992, Your Choice Live Series [Your Choice Recs.]

Shudder To Think are an indie rock band formed in Washington, DC, in 1986 by Craig Wedren (vocals, guitar), Mike Russell (drums), Stuart Hill (bass), and Chris Matthews (guitar). Although usually associated with DC's punk and emo scenes, Shudder To Think blended their punk influences with pop and glam. Also making the band stand out were Werden's theatrical vocals. The group released their first LP on Sammich Records in 1989 and then moved to Dischord Records for 3 LPs. After the release of 1992's "Get Your Goat", Russell and Matthews left the group and were replaced by Adam Wade (ex-Jawbox) and Nathan Larson (ex-Swiz), respectively.

White Page  
Birthday Song 
Baby Drop 
Rain Covered Cat 
I Grow Cold 
Day Ditty 
So Into You 
Shake Your Halo Down

Rich Kids on LSD -1988, Greatest Hits Double Live Berlin [Destiny Recs.]

American hardcore / punk band from California. Usually credited as RKL...

Drink Positive
Scab On My Brain
Ded Teds
Seeing You
Blocked Out
Tribute To The Jester
Find A Way
Feelings Of Hate
Tell Me The Truth
Sensless Violence
Beautiful Feeling
Berlin Rock City
Life In A Bottle
Break The Camels Back
Lay Your Weapons Down
Catch Yer Breath

Hard Skin -2002, Live And Loud!! & Skinhead [Damage Goods]

Hard Skin was founded in 1996 and their first album Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts appeared that year. The band were: bassist "Fat Bob" (Sean Forbes of Wat Tyler), guitarist and lead vocalist "Johnny Takeaway" (Ben Corrigan of Thatcher On Acid) and drummer "Nosher" (Chris Acland of indie/Britpop band Lush). After Acland's death, he was replaced on drums by "Nipper" for second album Same Meat Different Gravy in 2005, which like its predecessor was received positively in punk and Oi! circles despite (or perhaps partly because of) the band's parodic tendencies.

Oi Not Jobs # Jocky On The Oche # Every Day, Every Weekend # The Good Times # Down The Pub # Hard Skin # A.C.A.C # X.R.3 # First Day Angry Song # Beer And Fags # Desperation Street # If The Kids Are United.

VA - Punk 45: 2015, Burn Rubber City Burn! Akron, Ohio: Punk And The Decline Of the Mid West 1975-80 [Soul Jazz-SJRCD299]

Soul Jazz Records is a London based label run by Stuart Baker, which specialises in re-releasing music from around the world on compilations with high quality remastered sound. They also release a large amount of material on vinyl, including new recordings, oftentimes as 12" singles. The printed record label name on these vinyl releases often varies greatly. For example Soul And Jazz Musical Industries, ENT., Soul Jazz Records Co., Soul Jazz Record Corp., or sometimes the record label which originally released the recording is displayed.

1. I Bizarro (The Bizarros)
2. The Comb (The Waitresses)
3. Laugh (Hammer Damage)
4. Mechanical Man (Devo)
5. Squirm Your Worm (Tin Huey)
6. Lady Boubonette (The Bizarros)
7. Ring Around The Collar (Chi-Pig)
8. Auto Modown (Devo)
9. Kidnapped (Rubber City Rebels)
10. The Manikin Shuffle (Denis Defrange & Mark Frazier)
11. When I Was Young (Jane Aire & The Belvederes)
12. Puppet Wipes (Tin Huey)
13. Apu Api (Helpe Me) (Chi-Pig)
14. Nova (The Bizarros)
15. Such A Fool (Rubber City Rebels)
16. Sector Wars (Denis Defrange)
17. Closet Bears (Ralph Carney)
18. Narrow Road (15 60 75 The Numbers Band)

VA - Keeper of the Secret - A Sampler of Dionysus Records Empire

Dionysus Records was started by me, quite haphazardly and from scratch at the tail end of 1983 because I wanted to release a 45 by my then band Yard Trauma, pictured at left.  The label was actually an extension of a cassette-only label run I ran out of the Roads to Moscow record store on Park Ave in my hometown of Tucson, AZ between ‘81 and ‘83. In 1984, I moved to Los Angeles and became pals with Greg and Suzy Shaw at Bomp who helped me to establish the label here in Southern California by financing and distributing the label’s first two albums (by Yard Trauma and Thee Fourgiven) and a couple of singles (by The Cynics.) Dionysus was asked to join the legendary indie label distributor, Mordam Records in 1985 and… well, a lot has happened since then of which may or may not be interesting to you thus I’m going to keep this short. Maybe I’ll write a book someday.

1. Stereophonicc Space Sound Unlimited "Jo's Theme"
2. The Mother's Anger "Scream"
3. Peachfuzz "T.S.S."
4. Jupiter Affect "Genghis Kahn Blues Theme"
5. Thrills "Not Another Face in The Crowd"
6. Roy & The Dew Drops "The Soul Side Of The Street"
7. Three Fourgiven "Smile No More"
8. Scott Deluxe Drake "Bolivian Mind Blender"
9. The Dogs "Suburban Nightmare"
10. The Satelliters "Anything I Do"
11. The Radio Knives "Bad Feelin'"
12. The Gimmies "Livin' On the 16 Shadows"
13. Muck And The Mires "It's About Over Now"
14. The Boldies "AD(h)D"
15. The Cosmopolitans "How To Keep Your Husband Happy"
16. Baby Mongoose "Living and Loving"
17. Les Sequelles "Je Suis Comme Je Suis"
18. The Young Playthings "Plastic Toy"
19. Lushy "French 75"
20. Buttersprites "Panic Attack"
21. Space Vacuum From Outer Space "Space Monkeys"
22. Karling Abbeygate "Tonight's Gonna Last"
23. Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers "I Remember You"
24. Clouseaux "Dance Of The Crustations"
25. Orchestra Superstring "Silbersrasse"

Redd Kross -1980, Annette's Got The Hits

Redd Kross have always been too good, too perfect, too true, to believe. Mythic. Could this tuneful hardcore punk EP really be the work of a brother band with the 15-year-old on vocals and guitar and the 11-year-old on bass? Did Redd Kross really open for Black Flag? Could Jeff and Steve really have been born and raised in the Beach Boys’ hometown of Hawthorne, California, and did Jeff really see the Beatles live in 1966? Did one of them, dressed in Gene Simmons makeup, really kill a Bruce Springsteen impersonator onstage? Is that really their hair? Could Researching the Blues, their first studio album in 15 years, be not just the hottest thing since Cher went solo but the best start-to-finish Redd Kross record ever?

Cover Band # Annette's Got The Hits # I Hate My School # Untitled # Chlorox Girls # S&M Party # Standing In Front Of Poseur. 

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Appendix: 1983, Huora [7'']

A punk band from Pori, Finland. Appendix was founded in winter 1981-82 and split upin autumn 1984, but has performed occasionally again since the mid 1990s and donethe half of releases after those times.

Tää on mun oma sota

After The Bombs: 2007, Spoils Of War [The Total End Records]

Crust / punk / metal band from Montreal, Canada formed in January 2004.

Spoils Of War
Forward Into Death
War (Bathory)

Bad Jesus Experience: 2010, Self Titled [10''-LP]

Punk hardcore noise  shit Finland...

Miss Mikkeli
Vitun Moikkailiijat
Herra Orava
Mustaa Maalia

Verbal Abuse: 1995, Red White And Violent [Century Media]

In February 1983, Glenn was advised by a native American spiritual adviser named Rolling Thunder not to travel with the band to play a concert in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, since it was "a bad day to travel" according to his superstitious beliefs. The other band members told him that if he chose not to come with them, he would be kicked out permanently. Glenn proceeded to assume a meditative pose, sitting cross-legged in the parking lot and burning incense with a sad expression as the group left for the concert without a drummer. In New Orleans the band played with Toxin III, a band from Lafayette, Louisiana, and recruited their drummer Bitchy Bill to play the show with both bands, serving only as a temporary replacement in Verbal Abuse for this one gig. At the end of the concert, Bitchy Bill proceeded to load his drums into Verbal Abuse's van, to the dismay of his bandmates and girlfriend, who convinced him to temporarily abandon his whim to join them and to return with Toxin III to Lafayette. However, three days later, back at the church in Houston, Bitchy Bill arrived unannounced with his drums and officially joined Verbal Abuse.

Time's Runnin' Out # Dancing In A Cyclone # Her Last Sin # Another Day # Right From The Start # Red White & Violent # All Juiced Up # Crashed # Locked In # Concrete Walls # Still Alive.

Zero Boys: 1987, Vicious Circle [Toxic Shock-TXCD-11]

Tufty joined and recorded on their debut full-length album, Vicious Circle, was released in 1982 with its distinctive bright yellow cover on the local label Nimrod Records. Many punk fans nationwide expressed surprise that a band like the Zero Boys originated in the Midwest; their polished intensity suggested the larger and more established scenes in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City and elsewhere. Indeed, their 1982 "Hell Tour" appearance at The Barn in Torrance, CA (with roadies Gary X Indiana and Marvin Goldstein in tow), on a bill with the Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat, demonstrated that the Zero Boys were a Midwestern punk rock force to be reckoned with.
The intelligent, ambitious lyrics of "Vicious Circle" tackled such themes as social stratification, teen angst, and political corruption. Mahern's clear tenor voice emerged like a rapid-fire war cry, well-suited to the message and material. These themes, set into a blazing, sonic buzzsaw with huge choruses and intricate changeups, set an influential stylistic precedent for hardcore punk which still resonates today.

Vicious Circle / Amphetamine Addiction / New Generation / Dirty Alley's Dirty Minds / Civilization's Dying / Livin' In The 80's / Drug Free Youth / High Places / Human Body / Mom's Wallet / Down The Drain / Outta Style / You Can Touch Me / Forced Entry / Hightime / Charlies's Place / Trying Harder / Johnny Better Get / Dingy Bars Suck / Slam and Worm / She Said Goodbye / Toys In The Attic.

Verbal Abuse: 1986, Rocks Your Liver [Boner Recs.]

Verbal Abuse was established in 1981 by 17-year-old singer and songwriter Nicki Sicki, formerly of the bands Sick Pleasure and Legionnaire's Disease. Radi Kilowatt handled the bass duties, his brother General Electric (aka G.E.) was the original guitarist, and John Glenn played drums. The band members lived together in a church, where Radi was working. G.E. left the band after claiming to have found religion and declaring that Nicki Sicki was evil. He was replaced by guitarist Joie Mastrokalos. During this early period, drummer Jason Riquelmy from the band Skate Death occasionally assumed drum duties when John Glenn was not available.

V.A. Rocks Your Liver # Metal Melissa The Pissa # Set Me Free # Vengeance # Worth A Try # Can't Stop Us Now # Ratt Pakk # Nothing Changes # The Chase # Time To Go # Best Friends # Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting.

Verbal Abuse: 1983, Just An American Band [Fowl Recs.]

With the lineup of Nicki Sicki, Joie Mastrokalos, Brett Dodwell and Gregg James, Verbal Abuse was signed by Fowl Records and in 1983 they recorded their first LP, Just An American Band, which was released early in 1984. Next, Brett Dodwell left the band to join the army, and Nicki Sicki's former Sick Pleasure bandmate Dave "Koko" Chavez took his place on bass. Verbal Abuse then embarked on a four month tour of the U.S. and Canada to promote their album and performed with numerous influential bands including Slayer, The Ramones, Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Reagan Youth, The Cro-Mags, Die Kreuzen, The Dead Kennedys, Poison Idea and Decry. After finishing their tour, Nicki Sicki decided to leave Verbal Abuse early in 1985 due to stylistic and creative differences, citing Joie's penchant for flamboyant wardrobe choices including a bolero, a cape and various scarves and bandanas tied around his legs and microphone stands, as well as his leanings toward a more glam metal musical style. Nicki returned to Houston and formed the band Afterbirth with original Verbal Abuse bassist Radi Kilowatt, guitarists Andy Schumman and Bill Barton and a drummer by the name of Kelp. Afterbirth played new original songs, written mostly by Nicki, which were stylistically similar to the hardcore direction of the Just An American Band LP, and also performed a few old favorites from that record.


Power Play # Leeches # I Hate You # Social Insect # Boredom # Bud # Disintegration # Unity # Free Money # I Don't Need It # Verbal Abuse # American Band.